We can write, update, run, fix or guide your blog or website

    Your Naples website is your image to the world.    Web Ghosts' mission is to help build an ever better presentation on your blog or website.

     We use the term 'ghosts' because ghostwriters were always the helpers behind the scenes to make their clients look good.

    To make your Naples website look good Naples Web Ghosts provides complete website design, content writing and editing, existing website updating, photo selection, short video, and Photoshop editing.

    The Ghosts at Web Ghosts have participated in, developed, and coordinated websites ranging from sites with a $500,000+ annual budget to a variety of traditional small organization and inexpensive special purpose websites.

    In all these projects, content and direction are key to presenting an effective message, or adding to a promotional campaign, within a cost-effective budget.

    Web Ghosts don't hack out a site ... we help you build your own strong cohesive web presence where your message and images work together.
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Cliff Walk [Table Based],
Captain Vic [Nested Table Based Blog],
Photo Ghosts [CSS Responsive],
Amistad [CSS Template],
Gulf Coast Sailing Club [Nested Table Based],
VideoGhosts [CSS/PHP]
Web Ghosts Youtube Channel [Speed art logo demo],
Newport Waterfront [Maintenance and Email database]

Your Webpage

     While the most important components of your website are the text message and message related images, clients like to kick up their website appearance economically with a unique template design.   These templates are just the basic background framework for the important part of your site — your message.

     There are thousands of different template designs available on the web. Once your site is templated and set up, we can change the look by changing the template, or even just changing the color palette of the template.   At Web Ghosts we like to reflect the colors from your primary photos or logo in the template background.

     Here's an illustration of templating one of the first Web Ghosts blog websites originally created in 1997.

    Graphics were really limited in 1997 as dial up telephone lines could not easily handle large graphic components, and display screens were just 14 in. wide.

     The template selected was wider than the original and required TK to change the CSS software code.

     We had to come up with a header photo, but because of the quality of the original photos we had to combine three photos for a decent image.

    We also had to create a logo like image to kick up the top of the page.

1. Original 1997 Page
sized for 14 in. CRT display

2. New Selected Template
960px-wide Design by 'CSS Templates For Free'

3. Completed Template Update
800px Size works well on Ipad

Adding Video Content

     YouTube type videos add interesting content to your page, but you don't need a multi-thousand-dollar-video-production crew to add video to your site.

     As part of a recent blog entry assignment Web Ghosts used a Contour HD camera to photograph trimaran Seabird's launch and sea trial. Part of the editing involved mixing audio sources using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

     This is what we call an Ultra Low Budget Video [ULBV]. We wove together a bunch of clips, added a title page and music to produce a fast moving three-minute video.

     In the documentary for the Oliver Hazard Perry tall ship launch we were able to set up this video on line the same day as the event using Power Director software.

     Another example of a ULBV was edited from Captain Elizabeth's iPhone photos and video clips. Here the content was provided via a Dropbox file transfer.

    You provide the files ... Web Ghosts handles the rest.

Your current team of Webghosts includes a retired Web Manager
with 19 years of web experience [VJ],
offset by the standard 16-year-old
computer-obsessed high school student [TK].
[[NOTE: THIS PAGE IS from 2014]]
VJ at Work

Newport Webghost VJ

Newport, RI 02840
Email: VJ@WebGhosts.com
TK at Work

Naples Webghost TK

Naples, Fl 34104
Email: TK@WebGhosts.com

WebGhosts.com Serving WWW Clients Since Feb. 26, 1997
[This webpage, for demonstration purposes only, shows that old table based websites can be modified today.
It uses the same website software originally used for its initial version in 1997: Hotmetal Pro.
In addition, the photos were edited with a similarly dated version of Photoshop.
The photo slideshow, however, is an up-to-date Wow Slider, and the current Web Ghosts logo was created on line Nov. 2012];
And the video was edited by TK in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

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